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Jack Jouett Middle School is an Albemarle County public middle schools offering classes in sixth through eighth grade. Jack Jouett is part of the Northern Feeder Pattern. Jack Jouett students attended either Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, Greer Elementary School, Broadus Wood Elementary School, or Woodbrook Elementary School and will continue on to graduate from Albemarle High School. As of 2012 Jack Jouett has 581 students enrolled and employs 65 staff and faculty members.[1]


Jack Jouett Middle School is named for Jack Jouett (patriot), a hero of the American Revolution nicknamed the "Paul Revere of the South" after he rode to warn Thomas Jefferson late at night of an impending British attack on Charlottesville.[1] The school opened in 1966 on the same day as Henley Middle School. With an overwhelming number of students for the two middle schools, many students were transferred to Burley High School, which became known as the "Jack Jouett Junior Annex" until 1977, when, with the completion of Western Albemarle High School, Jack Jouett was confirmed as a middle school providing sixth through eighth grade classes.[2] In 2003 the school underwent major construction, with significant additions including 11 classrooms and major renovations to the library and main office areas.[1]


The current principal of Jack Jouett Middle School is Ashby Johnson. [3]

The following is a list of people who have served as principal[1]

Term Principal
2019 - present Ashby Johnson
2006 - 2019 Kathryn Baylor
2003 - 2006 David Rogers [4]
1995 - 2003 Russell L. Jarrett
1974 - 1995 James Helvin
1970 - 1974 Robert Thraves
1966 - 1970 G. Elwood Hall

Safe routes to school

The county is planning on upgrading sidewalks in the area by applying for a Safe Routes to School grant from the federal government. [5]

New name

The name of the school is being reviewed as per the county's new naming policy. [6] In a community survey released in late May, 80 percent of respondents supported keeping the current name. [7]

The advisory committee has recommended the name Journey Middle School. [8]


Jack Jouett School is located at 210 Lambs Lane.


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