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John Robert Ponton was a member of the Charlottesville City Council in the early 1960's. On August 31, 1961 he was elected to the Office of Councilman by the Council to fill the unexpired term of Judge Thomas J. Michie, expiring August 31, 1962. He ran for re-election in 1962.

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Ponton was born in Charlotte County and came to the Charlottesville area to become a pharmacist after graduating from the Medical College of Virginia. He worked for Timberlake Pharmacy on East Main Street. [1]

Appointment to Council

Ponton was appointed in August 1961 to fill the seat vacated by Thomas J. Michie when the latter was appointed to be a judge. [1]

1962 campaign

Ponton ran for election in the April 3, 1962 Democratic primary when two nominations were up for grabs. The other candidates were Mayor Louis L. Scribner and J. Earl Barnett. Ponton said the biggest issues were expansion of the water supply and building additional capacity in city schools. He also said that parking was an issue. During the campaign he was opposed to creation of a pedestrian mall downtown but not opposed to further study. [1]


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