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John Frederick Harlan (August 24, 1889 – June 26, 1951) was the City Postmaster in 1950. He served in the postal service for over 28 years. In 1948, J. Fred Harlan was appointed by the City Council to the new seven-member School Board for a term of two years (Third Ward), starting July 1, 1948.

Prior to 1948, J. Fred Harlan was a member of eight-member Charlottesville City School Board.

His father, John Fulton Harlan, for many years a leading merchant in the city, served two terms on the city council (1901 – 1904).

His son, John Frederick Harlan Jr. (1925 – 2011), served on the Charlottesville City School Board for a term of three years (1963 – 1966).

After a long illness, John Frederick Harlan died on the Harlan homestead at 203 Ridge Street - now the site of the Charlottesville Fire Department's Ridge Street Fire Station and the Salvation Army of Charlottesville.

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