Homer Ragland

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Portrait photograph of Homer Ragland, taken by Rufus W. Holsinger in 1913. Reproduced from Jefferson's University.

Homer Lansler Ragland was a Black citizen of Albemarle County whose portrait photograph forms a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection.


Ragland was born in Keswick to Horace and Priscilla Ragland on October 10, 1872. He had a half-brother named Tinsley Ragland, who was born sometime between 1882 and 1890. The 1910 Census listed Ragland as the head of a household that included Tinsley, Priscilla, and Jack Christian, an adopted son born around 1900. Ragland's mother, Priscilla, is confirmed to have been buried at the Daughters of Zion Cemetery. The 1912 Charlottesville City Directory listed him as working as a janitor at the local courthouse.

On December 29, 1913, Ragland had his portrait photograph taken by Rufus W. Holsinger, with this picture later forming a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection. The 1914-1915 Charlottesville City Directory listed Ragland as a janitor who lived at 303 West Main Street. In 1920, he married Emily Robinson Kelley in Charlottesville.

Ragland died in Charlottesville on January 5, 1927. He was buried at 'Kelley's Lower End.'[1]


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