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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville (Habitat) is the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, an international organization that provides opportunities for affordable homeownership. Through volunteer labor and homebuyer "sweat equity" Habitat develops land and constructs mixed-income communities. Habitat partner families are then given interest-free mortgages to buy the houses at cost.

The Charlottesville chapter was established in 1991 as a franchise of the international organization to serve Charlottesville and the surrounding area.[1]. The organization has a goal of building at least 20 new homes each year. [2]


Habitat created a "new paradigm" focused on the particular challenges faced by the Charlottesville/Albemarle community. The new strategy recognizes the following realities:

  • Affordable single-family lots are not going to be available now or in the future.
  • Truly affordable housing must be near jobs and public transportation.
  • High-density is the only economic model for affordable housing.
  • Mixed-income neighborhoods can make better sustainable communities.

Sunrise Trailer Park

Habitat redeveloped the Sunrise Trailer Park in Belmont-Carlton, replacing the 17 trailers with 48 townhouses and condominiums. This planned neighborhood includes affordable units directed towards current residents of the trailer park and additional families who qualify for Habitat homes. Ground was broken on March 15, 2011. [3] Representative Don Franco appeared before the Charlottesville Planning Commission on April 12, 2011 to ask for their input on a potential amendment to the rezoning. [4]

Nine families moved in on July 7, 2012. [5]

Southwood Mobile Home Park

Habitat is working to develop a mixed-income community at the site of the 100 acre Southwood Mobile Home Park near the future Biscuit Run Park in Albemarle County. They hope to complete the first phase of the project in 2021. [6]

This development will replace the 353 trailers with at least 500 high-density mixed-income units. Construction on the project will not begin until at least 2016. [7] [citation needed]

According to Habitat's Chief Operating Officer Ken Hankins, an existing building in Southwood was renovated in 2007 and now serves as the Southwood Community Center[8]. The Community Center includes the property management office, a community room available for classes and programs, a tripling of the space for the Boys and Girls Club for the additional children that are expected to move to the area with the new development and a new outdoor ball court.

The project is in the planning stages as of late 2011. The organization is holding conversations with members of the Southwood community as part of the process. [9] Habitat officials are hoping to break ground in 2016. [5]

In March 2017, Habitat and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation agreed to a land swap where Habitat got land for athletic fields close to Southwood whereas DCR got land more suitable for Biscuit Run State Park. [10]

Paton Street

Habitat created 22 units in the City's Fifeville neighborhood as part of a Planned Unit Development. The first phase of this PUD was approved by the Charlottesville Planning Commission on March 14, 2006 allowing for the construction of six units as part of an eight-day "builder's blitz.[11]". The approval of Phase 2 was granted in October 2006[12], and construction is complete.

The neighborhood held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and block party April 17, 2011. [13].

Belmont Cottages

Habitat is developing a 15-unit site on Avon Street Extended on land donated by developer Lane Bonner. Half of the development will be reserved for Habitat families while the others will be made available at market rate. The organization hopes to build the units in 2013. [9]

Burnet Commons

Habitat is working with Southern Development on the third phase of Burnet Commons on Elliot Avenue. It is one of the first new developments being constructed with direction from the Strategic Investment Area. [citation needed]

Wickham Pond

In the spring of 2016, Habitat is building six units at Wickham Pond in Crozet. [14]

Harmony Ridge

Habitat is set to break ground on 14-unit mixed-income project off of 5th Street extended on August 17, 2017. Ten units will be for Habitat partner families and four will be market-rate. The units will be energy efficient. Habitat is working with the Piedmont Housing Alliance on the project. Land was acquired from Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries. [citation needed]

Partnership with Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust

In April 2017, City Council allocated $240,000 to the Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust for four lots that will be developed by Habitat. [15]


The executive director is Dan Rosensweig.

The chief operating officer is Andrew Baxter. [16]

Board of Directors

  • Doug Ford, Chair (term ends June 2017)
  • Jeff Hall, Vice-Chair (term ends June 2016)
  • Larry McElwain, Secretary (term ends June 2018)
  • David Owen, Treasurer (term ends July 2017)
  • Kathleen Ball (term ends June 2018)
  • Wendy Brown (term ends June 2018)
  • Steve Colgate (term ends July 2018)
  • Reverend Albert Connette (term ends August 2017)
  • Julia Kudravetz (term ends July 2018)
  • Ray Mishler (term ends December 2018)
  • Kyle Quinlivan (term ends July 2018)
  • Gloria Rockhold (term ends June 2016)
  • Tim Sims (term ends June 2017)
  • Miles Smith (term ends July 2018)
  • Anne Ternes (term ends July 2017)
  • Peter Wurzer (term ends June 2016)


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