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Guian McKee was a member of the Charlottesville School Board appointed to replace Alvin Edwards as of on November 1, 2010. [1]

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McKee is a Charlottesville resident, an associate professor of public policy at the University of Virginia, and parent of a second-grade student at Clark Elementary School.

Charlottesville School Board

McKee served for three years on Clark's PTO before applying to replace Edwards. His term expires on December 31, 2011.[1].

McKee contested the election for another term in the 2011 election.[2], coming in fifth of the seven candidates for four seats.

Candidates Votes %
Amy J. Laufer 4,178 20.86
Willa M. Neale 3,804 18.99
Colette E. Blount 3,053 15.24
Jennifer L. McKeever 2,854 14.25
Guian A. McKee 2,658 13.27
Ivana Kadija 1,969 9.83
Steven C. Latimer 1,406 7.02
Write In 105 0.52
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[3]

Voters could cast four votes, one for each of the four seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.


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