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Greenwood School was an Albemarle County Public School in Greenwood from 1889–1983. The school moved from its original one-room log house location to a building on Stony Run near Beagle's Gap Road in 1890. In 1903, it reopened in a new building on the same site, then in 1907 expanded to another teacher in a small building nearby. In 1908, a third teacher was added and a larger two-story frame building was constructed. 125 pupils were enrolled in the 1918-1919 school year, when the first principal, H.G. Coville, was hired. Soon after, the school was accredited. In 1921, a fundraising effort raised $27,000 in donations and a $24,000 interest-free loan for a new school building, largely from Randolph Ortman of Blue Ridge Farm. The cornerstone was laid in 1921 with Albemarle County Supervisor C. Purcell McCue presiding.

Paul H. Cale served as principal following R. Claude Graham's ascension to county superintendent in 1935, before himself becoming superintendent in 1947. Former teacher Leslie Walton became county superintendent in 1969, soon followed in 1970 by Clarence McClure, another former Greenwood teacher.

In 1953, Greenwood High School was closed when county high schools (except for Scottsville High School) were consolidated into Albemarle High School. A countywide appointed committee recommended the closure of Greenwood Elementary School in January 1983. Citizen protests, headed by a local committee of seven volunteers headed by Col. William R. Washington, obtained a one-year extension of the closure but ultimately failed to convince the School Board to overturn its decision.

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