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County Area Village of Rivanna
District Scottsville Magisterial District
No. Lots 813
Housing SFD

Elementary Stone-Robinson Elementary School
Middle Burley Middle School
High School Monticello High School

Other Attributes
Gated Yes

Neighborhood Recreation
Tennis Courts
Golf Club

Natural Amenities

HOA Glenmore Community Association
Website Glenmore Homes

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Glenmore is Albemarle County's largest gated community. It is located to the eastern end of the county, in the Village of Rivanna designated growth area. Maintenance of common areas is provided by the Glenmore Community Association (GCA). The neighborhood is composed of approximately 750 homes, each valued at $400,000 and higher.[1]

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Glenmore was originally developed by Frank Kessler. The Board of Supervisors voted to approved the rezoning of 1195 acres of land from rural to planned residential on December 5, 2010. As part of the rezoning, Kessler was responsible for building the infrastructure for water and sewer.[2] Shortly after the rezoning, ownership was transferred to the Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership.

Missing funds

In June 2009, Mike Comer, the GCA's president and treasurer, disappeared among controversy surrounding a pending audit of the association's financial statements.[3][4]

In July 2009, results of an audit of the club's finances revealed it was missing more than $600,000. Comer has been arrested and charged with embezzlement in conjunction with the missing funds.[5] As of September 2009 Glenmore Associates, the community's developer, had repaid $300,000 of the missing funds and had reached an agreement to make the Association whole within a year.[6]


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