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Georgetown Road connects Barracks Road with Hydraulic Road, north of U.S. 29.

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Georgetown Road


Project Overview

Improve pedestrian and vehicular safety by making road improvements and adding multi-modal facilities (bike lanes and improved sidewalks).
Cost $3,018,300
Sponsor VDOT
Next meeting N/A

Status Update

Ad date of Feb. 8, 2011. [1] Priority on County’s Secondary Six-Year Improvement Program.

Website Project website
Contact Tracy Elliott, VDOT project manager

A plan to make road improvements and add multi-modal facilities was completed on November 8, 2011. [2]

An asphalt pedestrian pathway on the west side of the Road was replaced with a five-foot wide concrete sidewalk with a curb and gutter. Additionally, four pedestrian crossings are being added. [3]

The road closed to through traffic several times during construction. VDOT had planned a completion date of September 23, 2011 but certified it as complete as of November 8, 2011. [3]


  • February 8, 2011: Project bid for construction. [1]
  • November 8 2011: VDOT officially declares construction over [2]



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