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George Ferguson was active in Charlottesville's civil rights campaign during the 1950's. He was the son of George R Ferguson Sr. and the father of Olivia Ferguson McQueen.

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Ferguson was part of a campaign to integrate the University of Virginia and its medical center. At the time, African-American patients had to be treated in the hospital's basement. [1] He was also the legal redress chairman of the Charlottesville NAACP when the Supreme Court passed Brown v Board of Education. [2] He was elected president of the Charlottesville NAACP in 1955. [2] His daughter was assigned to Lane High School during desegregation. [2]

On September 17, 2012, City Council named a portion of Fifth Street Extended between Elliott Avenue and Harris Road after Ferguson. [3]


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Interview with George R Ferguson about civil rights, provided by the UVa Library