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Gazebo Plaza is the name attributed to a 37.5 acre development planned by landowner Richard Spurzem on Pantops located at the corner of U.S. 250 and Hansen Mountains Road. [1]

Development history

Spurzem has submitted at least two development plans. One was a commercial development, and the other was residential.


In 2005, Albemarle County lost a court case that sought to prevent Spurzem from developing a commercial center using the by-right highway commercial zoning. The Virginia Department of Transportation had indicated there was not enough road capacity for the development. They threatened to close the median crossing if Spurzem proceeded.


In January 2011, the Albemarle County Planning Commission voted to deny a proposal to rezone the land for dense residential use to allow him to build 562 homes on site. Spurzem said he would close the existing entrance with Hansen Mountains Road and relocate a road to connect the property through the Glenorchy neighborhood.

Many commissioners, including Calvin Morris said they could support some residential development, but not at the scale Spurzem had proposed. [1]

Spurzem reduced the density to 399 homes before an April 2011 public hearing before the Board of Supervisors. However, supervisors deferred a vote because the Pantops Master Plan called for a lesser density and because they wanted more information on how traffic would work. [2]


In May 2018, Albemarle County issued a Letter of Zoning Compliance reaffirming the property is zoned for Planned District - Shopping Center. [3]


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