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Photo of the Gaslight Restaurant at one of its several locations over the years. Reproduced from the Freeware Hall of Fame.

The Gaslight Restaurant was a restaurant that was open in several locations across Charlottesville in the mid-20th century. It was founded by John Marshall Tuck. [1]

The original location was in the Hotel Albemarle at 615 West Main Street. A second location was opened in Barracks Road Shopping Center. The third was at 625 West Main Street next to the Hotel Albemarle. [2] Effie Nicholaou


Gaslight was created by Tuck in 1961 in a building adjacent to the Hotel Albemarle. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez played there for change before becoming famous. [2] [3]

When the restaurant first opened, Tuck offered a free meal to anyone who donated a piece of decor. This resulted in a giant top-hat wearing walrus head in the dining room. [1]

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