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Freddie Murray

Freddie Murray was the principal at Jackson-Via Elementary School [1] from 1980 to 1987. He was a native of Miami, Florida, and earned a bachelors degree in elementary education at Florida State University. He served as an elementary school teacher in Miami and as an elementary school teacher and guidance counselor in Richmond, Virginia. After earning his master's degree in guidance and counseling in June, 1969, he moved to Charlottesville.

When he was 33 years old he was named advisory resource specialist for desegregation in Charlottesville City Schools. He later served as assistant principal at Lane High School, Charlottesville High School, and Buford Middle School. He also taught for one year at Jackson-Via Elementary School. At 44 years old, he was named principal at Jackson-Via Elementary School where he served for six years before being reassigned to become supervisor of support services.

Digital Scrapbook: Remembering Freddie Murray[2]


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