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The Foxfield Races are an annual horse steeplechase race held on the Foxfield course on Garth Road in Albemarle County. The event began in 1978. [1]

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Public safety

To contend with the large numbers of intoxicated attendees, Albemarle County sets up a temporary magistrate's office to process the many arrests. In April 2013, 38 arrests were made and 61 traffic citations were handed out. [2]

Lawsuit, Conservation Easement

A suit was filed in late December 2016 to stop the Foxfield Racing Association from selling the property. [3] The suit alleged that the sole remaining member of the association's board of directors was about to violate the terms of the will of the the late Mariann S. de Tejeda. [4] Judge Cheryl Higgins ruled in early June 2017 that the suit could continue to discovery. [5]

The situation was resolved in 2019 when the Foxfield Racing Association agreed to place the land under an easement held by the Albemarle Conservation Easement Authority. [6]


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