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Slide from the presentation by consulting firm Code Studio on proposed implementation of form-based codes on West Main Street. March 17, 2015. Download presentation

Form Based Code is a form of zoning that would be an alternative to existing building design guidelines and conventional zoning, particularly in the city’s entrance corridors. Form-based code focuses on the physical form of a building as opposed to the separation of uses (e.g. the land use designations of commercial or residential) as the basis for deciding what is appropriate in a given location.

Form-based codes allow a community to specify building mass, scale, detailing and public space standards up front for developers. Form-based codes can streamline what can otherwise be a protracted review process with discretionary reviews by staff and appointed officials (e.g. Board of Architectural Review).

Advocates of form-based codes believe they would clarify building requirements up front for developers and help ensure that building designs meet community expectations. By following the codes, developers would encounter a technical check list for their proposals as opposed to a negotiated design review.

Key events for Form-Based Codes in Albemarle County


The Albemarle Board of Supervisors adopted a form-based code for the Rio Road Small Area Plan on September 1, 2021. [1]


Albemarle County's Department of Community Development held a "Sidewalk Talk" on form-based code in order to begin the implementation phase for the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [citation needed]

Key events for Form-Based Codes in Charlottesville


In August 2013, the city’s PLACE Design Task Force recommended City Council consider adopting “form-based codes linked to street standards and stream-lined, expedited site plan review and approval; and best practices in community engagement and visioning.” Download report

In October 2013, Alexandria-based firm Rhodeside & Harwell began a “$340,000 comprehensive study of public infrastructure on and around West Main Street…to suggest possible changes to that corridor’s zoning in the wake of several high-profile developments.”[2][3]


In mid-2014 when the final appearance of the Flats at West Village on West Main Street didn’t match up to design renderings presented to City Council in late 2012, it sparked a review of the city’s existing zoning and design guidelines.[4]


In March 2015, consultant Code Studio presented draft form-based code recommendations for West Main Street.

In May 2015 city council discussed the benefits of form-based codes in the context of development on West Main Street.[5]


In March 2016, City Council approved the conceptual plan for the West Main Streetscape.[6]

In May 2016, Charlottesville officials recommended form-based codes be developed in a phased process for the city’s Strategic Investment Area.[7]

In September 2016, the Urban Land Institute sponsored a seminar on how Nashville adopted a form-based code. [8]


On July 17, Council voted to allocate $228,000 to the Form Based Code Institute to rewrite a section of the zoning ordinance in the Strategic Investment Area. [9]

FBCI presented their work to the City Council and the Planning Commission on October 26, 2017. (Materials)


A joint work session of City Council and the Planning Commission will discuss the draft Form-Based Code for Phase 1A of the Strategic Investment Area on August 15, 2019.


Charlottesville City Council voted to table the proposal indefinitely. [10]


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