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The Fontaine Research Park is a multi-use 54-acre research park located off of Fontaine Avenue in Albemarle County, near the University of Virginia's Central Grounds. The facility was owned and operated by the University of Virginia Foundation until UVA acquired the site in January 2018. [citation needed]


In 1986, the site was the subject of a rezoning for Fontaine Forest, a shopping center, hotel, and office complex.

Future development

In 2018, the Board of Visitors approved a master plan for the future of the Fontaine Research Park to serve as a "hub for translational research and outpatient care." One idea was to move some clinics currently at the UVA Medical Center to the site to reduce congestion and open up new space. [1]


Conceptual drawing

On September 8, 2010, the University of Virginia Foundation received approval to expand its research park on Fontaine Avenue.

"The rezoning allows the foundation to expand to a maximum of 875,000 square feet of building space, up from the currently allowed 565,000 square feet. The foundation was also granted several special-use permits, including one allowing for the construction of a 60-bed hospital and another allowing for parking garages." [2]

Fontaine Research Park


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