Flats at West Village

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The Flats at West Village
The Flats at West Village 2018-08-15.jpg

852 West Main Street (formerly 852-860)
Use Type Mixed-Use Apartments & Retail
Lot Size 2.25 acres (98,010sf)
Gross Floor Area Building #100: 162,705sf

Building #200: 156,704sf Total: 319,409sf

Building Height 101 feet
Stories Building #100: 5 stories

Building #200: 8 stories

Residential units 219 units (595 bedrooms)
30 × 1-bedroom
87 × 2-bedroom
17 × 3-bedroom
85 × 4-bedroom
Non-Residential 11,946sf ground-floor commercial (5,145sf restaurant, 6,801sf commercial)
Parking 385 spaces (3 levels underground)
Development Firm Ambling University Development Group with Riverbend Management
Developer Contact Ryan Holmes
Approval Process Special Use Permit
Date Approved 2012
Construction Started Summer 2013
Construction Completed August 2014

The Flats at West Village is a 595-bedroom mixed-used development on West Main Street. The project, once known as the Plaza on West Main, was developed by the Ambling University Development Group and Riverbend Development.[1] [2]

It is now operated by Peak Campus Development. [3]

Image Credit: Niles Bolton Associates

Approvals process

Plans were submitted to the city in the fall of 2012. [4] The Charlottesville Planning Commission got its first look that October. [5]

The Board of Architectural Review voted 4-2 in October 2012 to say that the current design would pose a risk to the West Main architectural district. [6] The Planning Commission voted 6-1 to recommend approval of the necessary special use permits in November 2012, with Lisa Green voting against. [7]

Special Use Permit (SUP)

The Charlottesville City Council (2012-2013) approved a special use permit for the Plaza in a 4-1 vote on December 3, 2012, despite concerns that it would negatively impact the character of West Main Street.[8]

Council discussion

Source: Minutes of the Meeting, dated December 3, 2012[9]

  • Dave Norris said the reality is that in order to stop suburban sprawl, we need to create urban density. However, it has to be situated correctly. This is a part of the City that can accommodate urban density. What happens in this stretch of West Main is going to help reintegrate Westhaven into the West Main corridor. It will infuse the affordable housing fund, and he said he supports the project.
  • Kathy Galvin said this project has done everything right. This will increase the City’s tax base, contribute to the housing fund, engage the Westhaven community, promote the multimodal corridor, and is in keeping with several aspects of our comprehensive plan. She has faith in the applicant to do the right kind of design, and she supports the project.
  • Deirdre “Dede” Smith said she disagreed with her fellow Councilors, and she finds it hard to believe that the planning that was done four or five years ago envisioned student housing on Main Street. This backs up to several important neighborhood areas, and she is concerned that there has been a lot of attention to the design of the front of the building, which faces West Main Street, and very little attention to the side facing Fifeville.
  • Satyendra Huja said this is the right project in the right location. It provides density in an appropriate place, provides mixed use, and will help the affordable housing fund. It also provides a public space and a public plaza. All four sides should be designed, including the back, with landscaping.
  • Kristin Szakos said we already have students in that neighborhood, especially graduate students. Students have brought rent increases and noise to the neighborhoods, but to have a huge influx of apartments available in that location will relieve some of the pressure in the neighborhoods.

The Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review voted to modify portions of the building before approving the designs in 2013. The controversial modified plans included enclosing an outdoor plaza, increasing the us of HandiPanel cladding and darkening the paint scheme. [10]

Construction began in the summer of 2013 at a time when many other residential complexes were either under construction or planned. [11] [12]

Construction was completed in August 2014. [13]

The developers made a $487,490.59 CAHF contribution in lieu of providing affordable housing.[14][15]

Construction photos


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′55″N 78°29′29″W / 38.031861°N 78.491521°W / 38.031861; -78.491521


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