Expresso Italian Restaurant & Pancake House

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Expresso Italian Restaurant & Pancake House
Type Restaurant
Genre Breakfast / Italian
Founded 2011
Founder Margarita and Nick Vlavianos
Dissolved 2012
No. of locations Pantops

Expresso Italian Restaurant & Pancake House was a breakfast and Italian food restaurant located on Pantops that opened in 2011 and closed a year later. [1]

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Expresso opened in 2011 in the same building that had been occupied by Aunt Sarah's Pancake House.

The owners, Margarita and Nick Vlavianos, had previously owned Expresso Italian Villa on Emmet Street. Before that, they owned a restaurant of a similar name on West Main Street. [1]

Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′45″N 78°26′25″W / 38.029181°N 78.440347°W / 38.029181; -78.440347


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