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Erich Reimer was chairman of the Charlottesville City Republican Party in 2017.

Reimer was unanimously elected chairman of the Charlottesville City Republican Committee on April 18, 2017.[1] Reimer was to serve the remainder of Barbara Null's term, which was supposed to end in Spring 2018. However, he intended to step down before the term expires to assume a position with the U.S. Army JAG Corps as a military lawyer.[2]

When racists protested at Lee Park in May 2017, Reimer denounced them by saying "Whoever these people were, the intolerance and hatred they seek to promote is utterly disgusting and disturbing beyond words...[t]his is a time for our community to come together on our common values of liberty, equality and justice for all, in stark contrast to them."[3] After the events he called for unity in Charlottesville.[4]

Reimer is a former student of the University of Virginia's School of Law[5], where he received some campus public impact and controversy for his "Make UVA Law Great Again" student government campaign[6] and his role in slowing approval for a student group for undocumented immigrants.[7] He was elected by the Republican Party of Virginia as one of two statewide Electoral College nominees in 2016[8] and served as Albemarle County Co-Chair of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in 2016.[9] He stated he was the 5th Congressional (Virginia) District Coordinator for John Kasich's Presidential campaign in the 2016 Republican Presidential primaries.[10]


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