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Geury Haden
E. G. Haden.JPG
Haden, ca. 1918

Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1918
Term End August 31, 1920
Preceded by E. G. Haden
Succeeded by B. E. Wheeler

Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1916
Term End August 31, 1918
Preceded by A. V. Conway
Succeeded by E. G. Haden

Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1910
Term End August 31, 1912
Preceded by E. G. Haden
Succeeded by A. V. Conway
Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1908
Term End August 31, 1910
Preceded by George W. Olivier
Succeeded by E. G. Haden

Biographical Information

Date of birth September 17, 1853
Fluvanna County, VA
Date of death February 28, 1933
Charlottesville, VA
Spouse Martha Douglas Early Haden
Children William Dandridge "Dan" Haden
Abner E. Haden
Elizabeth Kabler Haden
Mrs. B. J. Scruggs
Elbridge Gerry Haden
Residence 820 East High Street (1914); 408 Park Street (1933)
Profession Real Estate
Religion Presbyterian

Elbridge George Haden (known as "Geury" Haden; September 17, 1853 - February 28, 1933) was a notable city realtor who served as voter elected mayor of the City of Charlottesville in the early 20th century. Haden was an elected city-wide mayor for four terms. As a Justice of the Peace he decided minor civil suites and small criminal cases.

Public office

Before moving to Charlottesville, Haden served as justice of the peace and county supervisor in Campbell County.

In 1908, he was elected mayor of the city and served a two year term. In 1910, he was re-elected mayor for another two-year term.

Haden advocated and brought to bear many policies that advanced the civil and material welfare of the city, and under his administration was constructed the tram line from the transportation of material and supplies from the Southern Railway depot to the municipal gas plant, this improvement having resulted in an annual savings in expense to the city the amount varying from $1,000 to $1,500.

(Adjusted for inflation, $1,500 in 1914 is equal to $44,520 in 2023 - annual inflation over this period was 3.16%. Core inflation averaged 4.81% per year between 2021 and 2023, for an inflation total of 9.86%. In 2021, core inflation was 3.57%. When using the core inflation measurement, $1 in 2021 is equivalent in buying power to $1.10 in 2023, a difference of $0.10.)

Again, in 1916, he was elected to the office of mayor for a two-year term assuming the City’s executive powers and duties. [1]

Mayoralty (1908-1912)

On February 13, 1912, Mayor Haden, vetoed a residential segregation ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to secure for white and colored people a separate location of residing for each race" passed by Charlottesville's City Council unanimously on February 8, 1912. The reasons given by the Mayor for his veto were that such action would depreciate property values throughout the city. The Council immediately called a special session at which it unanimously overrode the Mayor's veto, "thus putting in place Charlottesville's mandate for segregation of residential occupation of all streets and neighborhoods. The language was similar to that of the Richmond ordinance."[2]

After an outbreak of rabies in the community, Mayor Haden ordered the police department to shoot all dogs running loose within the City limits. Haden lost his party's support for re-election, due in part, to the public outcry of his dog orders. In the 1912 election, held on June 11, 1912, Haden did not run for the office of Mayor.

City dam project (E. G. Haden at center of frame - holding his hat)

City Council (1916-1918)

The 1918 flu pandemic in Charlottesville-Albemarle, as a part of the worldwide Spanish flu pandemic, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, reached Albemarle-Charlottesville in the fall of 1918.

In view of the spread of influenza, Mayor Haden took aggressive actions, including ordering "all schools, public and private, churches, theaters, and all other places where there were public congregations closed..." and further “ordered the Chief of Police to see that these orders were observed and that no congregation of people be allowed in the city...” until further notice was given. [3]

Mayoralty (1918-1920)


In February 1912, he was the president of the Park Place Improvement Company. [4]


In 1914, his real estate office building was located at 112 5th NE. His business was renting, buying and selling property and negotiating loans.

"Haden Building", corner of 5th and Market Street
E. G. Haden residence in 1933, 408 Park Street, "The Tower House" (c. 1850-1861)
E. G. Haden's Gravestone, Maplewood Cemetery


Elbridge George Haden was born at the homestead plantation of the family in Fluvanna County, Haden was the youngest of twelve children of Cpt. William Douglas Haden and Elizabeth Haden. He was brother of Socrates Haden.

In 1895, Haden established his residency in Charlottesville.[5]

Haden and his wife were member of the Presbyterian Church. He was an officer of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Marriage and family

On February 29, 1876, Haden married Miss Martha Douglas Early (b. 1853) of Campbell County, daughter of Abner and Mary Ann Kabler Early. Their first child was Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kabler (1877–1943), followed by William Dandridge (1879–1945), Abner Early (1882–1949) and Anna Davis (1884–1969). Their fifth and final child was Elbridge Gerry (1887–1932). Their son, Dr. William Dandridge "Dan" Haden, would later become a member of the city council (1930-1942) and serve three terms as president of the council (mayor).

Final years and death

His wife, Martha, died on January 22, 1932, they had been married 54 years. Elbridge George Haden died the next year at his home on Park Street and was buried at Maplewood Cemetery next to his wife and near family members.

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