Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr

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Edwin E Gatewood, Jr.

Biographical Information

Date of death December 29, 2021
Place of birth Danville, Virginia
Place of death Charlottesville, Virginia
Spouse Elizabeth Gatewood
Children Sheridan, Ed, David

Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr was a Republican member of the Charlottesville City Council who served in the late 1970's. [1].

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Gatewood was born in Danville, Virginia and attended George Washington High School. He attended the University of Virginia and graduated in 1954. After serving in Korea post-war, he attended the UVA School of Law where he graduated in 1959.

After beginning a career in banking in Richmond, Gatewood and his family moved to Charlottesville in 1974. He was an active member of First Presbyterian Church.

Gatewood died on December 29, 2021. [2]

1976 election

Candidates Votes %
Laurence Brunton (R) 4,185
Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr (R) 3,519
Nancy K. O'Brien (D) 2,895
Towle (R) 2,849
Kneedler (D) 2,773
Lushbaugh (I) 2,438
Stroh (D) 2,088
White, (I) 1,171
Tomlin (I) 606
Source: City of Charlottesville [3]
Each voter could vote for up to three candidates in the 1962 election.


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