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Edward O. McCue Jr. May 11, 1901-July 27, 1993) represented Charlottesville and several surrounding counties in the House of Delegates from 1934 to 1950, and a larger territory around the city in the Virginia Senate from 1950 through 1967. He was a Democrat and usually a supporter of the Byrd Organization that controlled Virginia politics for over 50-years.


Born in Charlottesville, he was the son of Edward Overton McCue (1876-1945) Mary Pamela Michie McCue (1880–1961). He married Isabel Chamberlain Cochran. They were parents of Edward Overton McCue III (1923-2011).

McCue took his test for the Virginia bar in 1926. [1]

Education: Jefferson School for Boys Charlottesville High School; University of Virginia (LL.B.) Occupation/Profession: Attorney, businessman and farmer Memberships/Affiliations: Episcopal Church; Delta Tau Delta; Benevolent Protective Order of Elks; Redland Club; Farmington Country Club

Relevant legislation

In 1960 he submitted a second bill that would require Charlottesville to hold a referendum before beginning any urban renewal projects. One had passed in 1959 but a court case might have rendered it moot so McCue submitted more specific legislation to avoid that outcome.

He also suggested introducing a bill that year that would amend the city charter to require City Council to be elected via wards. [2]

McCue said he submitted the bill on behalf of residents of the city's Third Ward. Resident of that ward found it hard to get elected. They included W.T. Barnett and Francis Fife.

The two bills were both requested by Third Ward residents. The Third Ward was the location of several proposed sites for people who would be displaced by the Vinegar Hill urban renewal project.

By the time council election bill was introduced, McCue amended it so that hold a referendum would be held on whether citizens wanted wards. Voters would also be asked if they wanted to elect the City Manager. [3]

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