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The Development Review Process Task Force was a committee of Albemarle County elected officials, staff and citizens tasked with improving the processes regarding projects submitted at the Department of Community Development.

The task force was created in March 2006 by the Board of Supervisors and made its recommendations in 2007.

Scope of review

The task force was given the following direction:

... focus on improving the legislative review process, but not to alter policy regarding the scope of legislative reviews, with consideration of the following issues:
  • Public input process
  • Timeliness of review
  • Quality of review
  • Quality of approved plans
  • Complexity of review
  • Thoroughness of review
  • Ease of the review process
  • Efficiency of the review process
  • Review processes in Rural Areas vs. Development Areas
  • Resources necessary to implement any proposed changes
  • Consideration of changes to current development fees


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The task force's recommendations were discussed at the BoS meeting on May 2, 2007.



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