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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why cvillepedia?

A. Charlottesville Tomorrow, the hosting organization for cvillepedia, is a non-profit organization that seeks to gather and share information about land use, transportation, community design, and education issues. We created cvillepedia to be another resource for the community, and another way for us to inform the public on the decisions that shape our community's future.

Q. Who can write for cvillepedia?

A. Anyone can write for cvillepedia. We are looking for your input on the decisions that have come before and some of the issues facing us in the future.

We ask that if you have an opinion on the issues, you do not use cvillepedia to communicate them. Our goal is to strike a balanced tone in our articles. We would encourage people with opinions to cite when they were uttered at public meetings, and to use our citation mechanism to do so.

Q. My contribution to an article was edited out. Why?

A. It is likely the contribution did not follow our Cvillepedia:Guidelines.