Crozet Main Street Extension

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Crozet Main Street Extension

Project Underway

Project Overview

Interconnect eastern Crozet to downtown Crozet area
Cost $2,500,000
Location Albemarle County
Sponsor Albemarle
Next meeting None

Status Update

First phase scheduled for construction in December 2010.[1]

Contact Kevin McDermott, Albemarle County transportation planner

Project Details

The Crozet Main Street Extension is an estimated $2,500,000 project to connect eastern Crozet to the downtown area. Albemarle County is in charge of the project, which was placed on the Secondary Six-Year Transportation Plan in 2003 and remained a priority as of 2012.[2] The name will not be Main Street, and a naming contest was held in the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011.[3]

The Crozet Master Plan recommends the road as being constructed "parallel to and south of the CSX tracks running from Crozet Avenue eastward by building the first segment from Crozet Avenue to the Barnes Lumber property... This could be funded by the private sector, or through some form of public/private partnership. The primary beneficiary of the first leg of Main Street (off Route 240) is the Lumber Yard."[4]


Construction on the first phase got underway in August 2010. This involved building a 380 foot section with three lanes to accommodate an east-bound thru lane, a left-turn lane, and a west-bound (or right-turn) lane at the intersection with Crozet Avenue, at a future intersection with a street connection to The Square, and at a future intersection with High Street. Bicycle lanes, landscape/planting strips, pedestrian scale streetlights, and sidewalks are provided on both sides of the street. The project was projected to be complete by early December, 2010.[1]


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