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Crozet Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school serving students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The school is part of the western feeder pattern. Students from Crozet will attend Henley Middle School and graduate from Western Albemarle High School. [1]

At the beginning of the 2019 school year, CRES reported 353 students enrolled. [1]

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Crozet Elementary was originally founded in 1894 as a one-room building operating five months out of the year and named for Claudius Crozet. In 1907, it reopened as an official two-story, four-classroom building and had expanded to a ten-room building with 313 students by 1924. The current building was built in 1990 across the street from the original site and in 2012 the school received a $190,000 Safe Routes to School grant to construct a new sidewalk.[2]

The school closed early on December 16, 2019 due to fumes stemming from an oil leak. [3]

Description from the 2019 State of the Division Annual Report

"Crozet Elementary holds these truths to be self-evident: that all students are created equal. Our objective is to establish a community of learners through relationships, relevance and rigor, every day, every student. We optimize our local community resources and business partnerships in Crozet/White Hall and surrounding areas to provide our students with sustainable, innovative and enriching learning opportunities in order to reach our objective. With this spirit and belief, Crozet Elementary makes every effort to know each student; support their development; and maximize their potential and talents through a Responsive Classroom approach, Culturally Responsive Teaching, project/problem/passion-based learning, and environmental stewardship." [4]


The current principal of Crozet Elementary is Gwedette Crummie.

The following is a list of people who have served as principal[5]

Term Principal
2010 - present Gwedette Crummie
2005 - 2010 Karen Marcus
2000 - 2005 Michele Del Gallo Castner
1990 - 2000 Steve Braintwain
1966 - 1990 Charles Witt
1956 - 1966 John Massie
1955 - 1956 R. Strafford
1953 - 1955 Warren Pace
1952 - 1953 Thomas Hurlburt
1940 - 1952 Arthur Austin
1931 - 1940 Clarence Miller
1927 - 1929 A. Robertson
1924 - 1925 G. Tynes
1919 William Wiley


Construction is coming closer for a $21 million expansion project. The projects includes a three-story 31,000 square foot classroom expansion, a new 2,200 square foot kitchen, and an energy-efficient geothermal system.

Five firms responded to the request for proposals, and all were over budget. According to the first quarter report from the Albemarle County Department of Facilities and Environmental Services, there bids that met the base budget plus some additives, but were not did not have sufficient room for contingency funding. Nielsen Builders are the lowest bidder and the county is in negotiations. [6]


The school mascot is the Eagle. [1]


Crozet Elementary is located at 1407 Crozet Avenue


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