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View of Crescent Halls looking west from Monticello Avenue, ca. 2013
View of Crescent Halls looking northeast from Daughters of Zion Cemetery, 2020

Crescent Halls is a 105-unit apartment building owned and operated by the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority. The structure, located at the intersection of Monticello Avenue and Second Street SE, was built in 1976. 98 units are one bedroom with the rest having two bedrooms. [1]

Ground has been broken for redevelopment of the structure, but a waterline break in June have altered the plans. Complications associated with the COVID-19 Emergency also have caused delays. [2]


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After many years of talk, rehabilitation of Crescent Halls moved toward reality in the late 2010's. [3]

The Chicago-based construction company GMA Construction group published a final cost for the redevelopment of the existing structure in December 2019 as well as a guaranteed maximum price. The estimated cost of refurbishing the units is $17.7 million. Construction had been expected to begin in the spring of 2020 but that was delayed by the pandemic. [4] City Council will consider $4.5 million in the sale of bonds to pay for the work on September 8, 2020.

The waterline break caused a decision for construction to proceed tower-by-tower as opposed to floor-by-floor. In August, the developer's representative reported there would be an initial $1.4 million in cost overruns. [2] All residents will be moved out of the building for the duration of construction. [5]

Stalled redevelopment

For years, residents have complained about dilapidated conditions at the facility. [6]

A previous master plan adopted by the CRHA in July 2010 had Crescent Halls slated to be one of the first projects in the CRHA's redevelopment process. [7] The master plan created by Wallace Roberts & Todd estimated the renovation would cost as much as $5.75 million at the time. [8]



The average monthly rent in 2011 for a one-bedroom unit was $248. A two bedroom unit was $314. [8]


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