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Each year, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors amends the Six Year Secondary Road Priority List, which sets priorities for how to use funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation within the county.

Since 1986, the plan has been used to tell the state, as well as the federal government, how the county plans to spend its share on secondary roads. Yet, even with a focus on a few community priorities, with funding from the state declining significantly during this decade, the County’s wish list doesn’t change much from year to year.[1]

The Board of Supervisors adopted the FY2009 plan on March 12, 2008. In that plan, all state funding for secondary roads will go to three projects: The county’s portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway, improvements to Jarman's Gap Road in Crozet, and improvements to Georgetown Road.

Adopting a new draft in 2008

While the top three projects will likely remain at the top of the list, other projects are competing for those future dollars. Each year, staff moves projects around depending on shifting County needs and priorities.

The County Staff have moved up the Southern Parkway, which would connect 5th Street and Avon, jumped three places to #6. County staff has received word from VDOT that the project, which is estimated to cost $6,200,000, is now eligible for full secondary road funding. Previously, VDOT had told the County that they would need to contribute half of the amount with local dollars in order to receive state funding.

A project to build a bridge over the Rivanna River for Berkmar Drive Extended made the biggest jump on the list, going from #22 to #8. An extended Berkmar Drive to Hollymead Town Center would be developed as a parallel road to alleviate congestion through the Route 29 corridor. The Places29 project under consideration by the County had originally envisioned a Northern Free State Road to serve the same purpose, but that project has now been removed from the draft list.

FY2009 List

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Funding levels

FY2002 3,340,000
FY2003 4,289,238
FY2004 4,282,679
FY2005 3,729,949
FY2006 4,393,747
FY2007 4,401,996
FY2008 3,564,325
FY2009 1,640,972

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SIX YEAR SECONDARY ROAD PLAN FOR 2008-2014 dated 4 Dec 2007