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Cornerstone is a 127-acre mixed-use neighborhood in Lynchburg, Virginia that opened in 2008. It was approved for up to 1,000 residences, commercial areas, and a public park.


The property used to be the Wooldridge farm on Greenview Drive. Developer Mark Borel secured permission to convert it into a mixed-use development. [1]

The project has been opposed from the beginning by the Windsor Hills Neighborhood Association. Many were concerned about damage to Dreaming Creek

Construction began in late 2006.

In 2007, the development sought permission to create more single-family homes on smaller lots. [2] At one point, the neighborhood association filed a formal complaint with the Board of Zoning Appeals. [3]

Another controversy erupted in 2013 after there were allegations the Vue apartment complex was renting exclusively to college students. Vue consists of five apartment buildings with 77 units. Some residents of other Cornerstone areas were concerned they had been lied to. The Lynchburg city attorney concluded the Vue was in accordance with city law. [4] [5]

A 19.5 acre public park was to have been dedicated to the city of Lynchburg, but developers opted not to do so after city officials balked at a requirement it be named after the developers. The city was also not willing to take on the cost of maintaining the park. [6]

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