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The Community of Piney Mountain is a Designated Growth Area of Albemarle County. It 607 acres and has a population of roughly 1,000.[1].

The Community of Piney Mountain is the furthest north of the designated growth areas, surrounding U.S. Route 29 with southern border shared by the Community of Hollymead designated growth area.

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Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"The largest active development in Piney Mountain is Briarwood, which contains a mix of single-family detached and attached homes. A legislative approval was issued for residential units located east of Route 29 along Boulders Road near the National Ground Intelligence Center/Rivanna Station, but no development has occurred at this time.

The majority of vacant parcels located on the east side of Route 29 are currently zoned Rural Areas, limiting by-right development potential. An approval dating to the 1970s for 350 senior units (ZMA197700019 Rivanna Estates) still exists with Planned Residential Development zoning. While this development is not expected to occur, the allowed density was counted in the high zoning buildout scenarios. It was not considered in the Comprehensive Plan buildout scenario." [2]


GE-Fanuc and the National Governmental Intelligence Center (NGIC) at the Rivanna Station Military Base are located in the Community of Piney Mountain.


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