Community Land Trust

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A community land trust is a private non-profit corporation created to acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community and provide secure affordable access to land and housing for community residents. [1]

A CLT holds title to a piece of land but sells the home or improvements located on the land to specifically targeted buyers. The land on which the home sits is then leased to the homeowner at a reduced price.

A homeowner's return on investment on a home on CLT property is limited by a resale formula calculated by the specific CLT. This resale formula limits the profit that a homeowner can make when selling their property to ensure the long term affordability of the home.


Generally CLTs are meant to serve medium to low income homeowners by offering the option of purchasing a home without having to incur the cost of purchasing the land on which the home sits. Since the cost of purchasing land is removed from the cost of the home CLTs allow people to buy homes who otherwise may not have been able to afford the down-payment or mortgage costs.

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