Cleveland White

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Portrait photograph of Cleveland White, taken by Rufus W. Holsinger in 1917. Reproduced from the Holsinger Studio Collection.

Cleveland White was a longtime Black resident of Charlottesville in the early twentieth century whose portrait photograph forms a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection.


White was born in 1886 in Virginia. He lived in Charlottesville for most if not all of his life. He attended Jefferson High School (where he played on the football team) and likely lived in the vicinity of Covesville.

In his adult life, White worked as a butler, later becoming a contractor specializing in stone houses and walls. At an unknown date, he married Hattie White, who worked as a private cook for a local family. White registered for the draft during both World Wars.

On August 10, 1917, White was photographed in formal attire by Rufus W. Holsinger. This picture would later form a part of the Holsinger Studio Collection.

White's date of death is unknown.[1]