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Formerly referred to as the City Council Clerk, the position was expanded by the Charlottesville City Council (2018-2019) under the title of Chief of Staff / Clerk of Council.[1]

The Clerk of Council is an appointed official under the City Council. The Clerk of Council performs work related to the operation of the city, City Council actions and provides administrative support for the legislative body. This is a staff position with duties including: custodian of the official records of the City Council.[2]

This position is not to be confused with the Clerk of Circuit Court for the City of Charlottesville - one of Charlottesville's five Constitutional Officers elected by the voters at-large.

Previous Clerk of Council

Paige Rice left the position in the fall of 2918. Charlottesville City Council appointed City spokesman, Brian Wheeler as interim clerk of council until the position could be permanently filled. Wheeler replaces Paige Rice, whose last day with the city was September 21, 2018. Rice held the title of chief of staff.[3]

Hiring process

The City Clerk is not an elected position, rather the holder of this office serves at the pleasure of the council, which retains the legal right to dismiss and replace the City Clerk.


The City Charter includes the following residency requirement: "officers and clerks elected by the council, other than Clerk of the Council, shall reside in the city during his tenure of office." [4]

Chief of Staff / Clerk of Council Duties

Essential Responsibilities And Duties include:

  • Maintain Council Calendars;
  • Receive, track, and log mail, e-mails and voice-mails sent to Council Office, including invitations and requests for responses, and using technology tools as appropriate;
  • Track and ensure responses to inbound requests where appropriate;
  • Support preparation for and follow up to City Council meetings;
  • Assist in the preparation of the Council Office budget and oversee Council Office expenditures;
  • Verify Council office credit cards receipts and statements;
  • Administer City's Boards & Commissions;
  • Process invoices and reimbursement requests for Council Office and Boards & Commissions Council Office directly supports;
  • Serve as staff point person for Boards & Commissions Council Office directly supports (e.g. Sister City Commission; Police Civilian Review Board);
  • Provide assistance with additional duties to ensure that the Council office runs efficiently

Additional Duties

  • Plan, organize, and deliver on general administrative activities such as clerical assistance, and the purchase and transportation of supplies and equipment;
  • Research and prepare reports on Council Office operations, methods, and procedures;
  • Perform related tasks and support to Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council as required.

Education, Experience and Skills

  • Education: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with major work in business or public administration. (Minimally, possession of a high school diploma or GED with an additional two years of relevant work experience may be considered as equivalent.)
  • Experience: At least six months of experience at a responsible level in a local government, or in an office administration role with public or private sector.
  • Skills: General knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of public or business administration; general knowledge of agency objectives, procedures and organization; ability to devise detailed procedures and methodology; general knowledge of modern office practices, procedures and equipment; ability to communicate ideas effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with officials, subordinates and other employees, and the general public; ability to prepare complex records and reports.

Previous Clerk of Council Duties

The current City Clerk has a wide range of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Attend all Council meetings and record minutes
  • Certify Council actions
  • Maintain records of resolutions
  • Appropriations and ordinances
  • Circulate and maintain statements of economic interest forms
  • Send Freedom of Information Act to new board members
  • Liaison with foreign governments to allow travel into and from restricted countries
  • Review council action
  • Help coordinate Council agenda, and coordinate presentations
  • Participate in making staff recommendations to Council
  • Meet with media and provide information on Council agenda and general City information
  • Draft letters, proclamations and memos for Mayor and Council
  • Maintain files of all meeting information and correspondence
  • Advertise, recruit, and provide information to citizens for board vacancies
  • Coordinate forums
  • Coordinate Council calendar
  • Schedule individual Councilors as requested for meetings, dinners, etc.
  • Serve on Sister City Commission, assist with the events and visits for the four (4) Charlottesville Sister Cities.
  • Supervise University of Virginia (UVA) Interns
  • Attend all Lead Team meetings, retreats and training sessions
  • Respond to inquiries re: City government; maintain Council, Clerk, Board, minutes and agenda webpages.
  • Conduct research for citizens and staff on Council action (including historical data)
  • Receive complaints directly from citizens
  • Explain and defend council action.
  • Coordinate meals for meetings
  • Develop budget
  • Process bills
  • Coordinate special events

As of September 16, 2018, the City of Charlottesville advertised for qualified candidates to be considered for the position of Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council for the Charlottesville City Council as follows:

The Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council represents Council to the public during regular business hours, notifying citizens of Council meetings, and maintaining public records of the meetings. The primary purpose of this position is to perform high-level executive and administrative duties representing the City of Charlottesville's Office of City Council. These duties include but are not limited to supervising Council staff, directing activities, coordinating policy formulation and implementation for Council, providing administrative oversight to Council-appointed agencies, developing strategies, preparing reports, and participating in planning and coordinating administrative support functions. This position is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing programs within major organizational policies and reports progress of major activities to City Council. This position reports to City Council and is supervised by the Mayor or Vice-Mayor.

The starting salary will be between $70,532.80 and $137,538.96 annually, dependent on education and experience. The pay and benefits for the position are commensurate with those provided for City department directors.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serves as lead aide on implementing Council projects and initiatives;
  • Serves as lead aide on communicating staff recommendations to Council;
  • Assesses and delegates workload to City Council's office staff;
  • Oversees Council agenda development and distribution;
  • Sends notices for all Council related meetings to public and media (via e-mail, social media, fax, etc.);
  • Attends City Council meetings;
  • Writes and distributes minutes for all City Council meetings;
  • Coordinates post-Council meeting action summaries for distribution to Councilors, staff, and the public;
  • Holds regular meetings with Councilors individually to assess and assist on priorities;
  • Works closely with City management to ensure Council priorities are being met;
  • Creates progress reports on Council initiatives;
  • Certifies all Council actions and other legal documents (deeds, bond documents, etc.);
  • Places legal ads for Council action;
  • Directs Council communiqué (letters, memos, etc.);
  • Organizes Council attendance at community events (festivals, parades, annual dinners, etc.);
  • Liaisons with community groups and community organizers with support of Council Outreach Coordinator;
  • Develops final department budget for Council approval;
  • Assists Council with the entire hiring process for the following positions: City Manager, City Attorney, Director of Finance, and any other positions supervised by Council and/or Clerk of Council.


An essential function for this position is to ensure the following duties are performed by the Clerk of Council or delegated to Council staff:

  • Use of social media to provide frequent real time updates to the public;
  • Review council actions, help coordinate Council agenda, coordinate presentations;
  • Notification to all affected parties of Council action (internal and external);
  • Maintain books of resolutions, appropriations and ordinances;
  • Enter appropriations, resolutions and minutes in formal minute books;
  • Participation in making staff recommendations to Council;
  • Draft letters, proclamations and memos for Mayor and Council;
  • Maintain files of all meeting information and correspondence;
  • Advertise, recruit, and provide information to citizens for board vacancies;
  • Schedule interviews, follow up with applicants for more information; help coordinate forums;
  • Provide clear and succinct information with each public contact requested;
  • Provide weekly coordination of Council calendar;
  • Schedule individual Councilors as requested for meetings, dinners, etc.;
  • Maintain Council/Clerk/Board/minutes/agenda web pages;
  • Conduct research for citizens and staff on Council action (including historical data);
  • Receive complaints directly from citizens;
  • Explain and defend council actions (mail, e-mail, phone, in person);
  • Follow through with appropriate departments/staff and assure follow up.

Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Council

Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Council for the Charlottesville City Council. The City of Charlottesville is seeking qualified candidates to be considered for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Council for the Charlottesville City Council. The closing date for applications is February 4, 2019 at 5pm EST.[5]

Straight from Linkedin: Administrative Assistant to Clerk of Council

  • "The City of Charlottesville is seeking qualified candidates to be considered for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Council for the Charlottesville City Council. This position performs responsible professional and administrative work to the Charlottesville City Council as an assistant to the Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council. Incumbent will be responsible for a variety of assignments and work is performed under regular supervision of the Clerk of Council; does related work as required."
  • The starting hiring amount will be between $18.10 and $28.96 an hour. Starting offer is based on applicable education and experience. The position also provides excellent benefits including 11 paid holidays, paid vacation and sick leave, health insurance options with employer contribution, employer-paid life insurance, City's retirement options, and continuing education/training opportunities. This is a full-time, non-exempt, position."[6]