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The Charlottesville City Real Estate Assessor calculates the value of land within city limits and maintains historical records of all property. The assessor is appointed by the city council, and serves at the pleasure of the council.[1] The current assessor is Jeffrey S. Davis. [2]

Property owners are notified of changes in the assessed value of their land by January 31 each year.[3]

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In addition to determining the value of land and buildings, the Assessor's Office maintains hard copy history files of all parcels in the City, as well as computerized current information specific to each parcel. This information includes ownership information, deed and plat references, ownership history, and specific improvement or building information.

City Assessor's Office

The City Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuation of all real property within the City limits.

Assessor of Real Estate

List of former Real Estate Assessors
Name Start Date End Date Notes:
Roosevelt W. Barbour Jr. September 15, 2003 July 2015
Roosevelt W. Barbour Jr. (acting) April 2023 September 15, 2003 In April 2003, Barbour was named acting assessor after the retirement of Glenn Branham, and formally assumed the role later that year. [4]
Glenn Branham 2003


The assessor of real estate may employ a deputy assessor and such other clerical and other assistants as the assessor deems necessary. Any persons so employed shall be under the general supervision of the assessor.

Real Estate Assessment Appeals

Appeals are heard by the Charlottesville Board of Equalization.


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