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Charles "Chuck" Lewis III was a Charlottesville businessperson, the owner of Kathy's Produce company, and active in the development of the Downtown Mall, including York Place. In his youth Lewis served as an Army paratrooper, raced motorcycles, and rode bulls & horses in a rodeo. Together with his wife Kathy he founded Lewis Produce Company with a $250 investment and grew it to $11 million in sales in eight years.[1] After her untimely death in 1989 at age 42 he wrote a memoir entitled All the Riches of Job, donating a portion of the proceeds to asthma research.[1]

Lewis died of cancer on May 3, 2010.[2][3] He and his wife had two children, Charley and Leah.

Chuck Lewis Passion Award

The Chuck Lewis III Passion Award is awarded yearly since 2012 by the Forward/Adelante Business Alliance to an entrepreneur who has overcome adversity.[4]

List of winners

Year Recipient Organization
2012[5] Lopez and Ornelas families Guadalajara
2013[6] Geiner Rojas & Daisy Rojas Rojas Stevens Painting
2014[7] Mel Walker Mel's Cafe
2015[8] Sun Da & Dragana Katalina-Sun Marco and Luca Dumpling Store
2016[9] Chef Tony Polanco Chef Tony Catering
2017[10] Joe Finazzo Sal's Caffe Italia
2018[11] Pablo Avalos El Puerto
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