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Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°09′48″N 78°26′28″W / 38.1634°N 78.4410°W / 38.1634; -78.4410

Chris Greene Lake is a 53-acre lake in Albemarle County formed by a dam on Jacobs Run. It is open to swimming from Memorial Day to Labor Day. [1]

Algae blooms

An algae bloom formed in June 2018 following heavy rains in late May, leading to a temporary closure of the lake. [2] Albemarle will study the issue in 2019 to see if it occurs again.

The county has continued to study the issue and hired SOLitude Lake Management to conduct an analysis. They concluded the lake and the lake at Mint Springs were losing oxygen due to the accumulation of organic material at the waterway's bottom. The balance has tipped in favor of the algae, who feed off of phosphorous. Recommendations include pumping to increase oxygenation, but other options include dredging, algaecide, biomanipulation, watershed management and others. [3]


The lake is partially surrounded by Chris Greene Lake Park.

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