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The Charlottesville City Council created the nine-member Charlottesville Tree Commission in late 2010 as a way to advocate for the city's urban forest management program. [1]


"The Tree Commission will serve strictly in an advisory role assisting City Council, the Planning Commission and City staff on issues regarding tree planting, protection, preservation and removal. The intent of the Commission is to protect and improve the urban forest, which provides better quality of life for City residents and provides environmental and aesthetic benefits, by preserving and monitoring all trees located on public right-of-ways and public property. The Commission will stay informed about local changes and intentions involving trees and plans for public lands and infrastructure in the City. It will advocate for trees before City Council and the Planning Commission. The Commission will also advise on protection of trees and tree canopy on private properties as appropriate. The Commission will work toward enhancing the diversity and health of the tree canopy in Charlottesville."

Annual Reports

The group's annual report for 2016 stated that the city had lost between five and eight percent of its tree canopy. [2]

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Members The commission has 10 members plus the City’s Urban Forester, a Planning Commission Representative, and a Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards representative who serve 3-year terms. [3]

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