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The City of Charlottesville's Department of Finance (frequently referred to as the "Finance Department") oversees all financial management for the city government.

The current director is Christopher Cullinan. [1]

The previous director was Bernard Wray.


The finance department pays the city's bills, makes sure employees are being paid, and serves as the central procurement agency for all of city government.

The department is in charge of reading the meters for the City's utilities division, and in that capacity, the department conducts an annual utility rate study.

The department provides risk management services and debt management, oversees the city's surplus property program, which holds an annual action, and runs the city's Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Program.

By contract, the department provides accounting services to both the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and the Charlottesville Industrial Development Authority[2].


Real estate assessment

Main article: City Assessor

The Real Estate Assessor's Office is the division of the finance department responsible for assessing all parcels in the city annually, provides various services to homeowners, prospective homebuyers and sellers, Realtors, title researchers, attorneys and land surveyors. The office maintains assessment information online.


Other divisions of the department are:

  • Finance Management
  • Procurement & Risk Management
  • Utility Billing[3]


Mailing address
Finance Department
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: (434)970-3200
Fax: (434)970-3232


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