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The Charlottesville Democratic Committee runs the City of Charlottesville's branch of the Democratic party.

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2019 Officers & Precinct Chairs

Party Officers

Alumni Hall Precinct

Buford Precinct

Carver Precinct

Clark Precinct

Johnson Precinct

Recreation Precinct

Tonsler Precinct

Venable Precinct

Walker Precinct

2015 Officers

2014 Officers

  • Pam DeGuzman, Co-Chair
  • Erin Monaghan, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Stevens, First Vice-Chair
  • Stephanie Grady, Secretary,
  • Jason Vandever, Treasurer.

2010 Officers

Election 2011

The committee held a "firehouse primary" on August 20, 2011 to nominate three candidates for City Council. The unofficial count shortly after the polls closed was 2,524 votes including 284 absentee votes. It will be held at Burley Middle School. [1]This is delayed from its originally scheduled date of May 14, 2011[2].


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