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The Charlottesville Community Scholarship Program was established by City Council in 2001 as a public-private partnership that provides financial assistance to low- and moderate-income graduates of Charlottesville City Schools and city employees.[1]

Unlike many scholarships, CCSP offers yearly renewal to scholarship recipients throughout their course of study as long as they reapply each year and show adequate progress in their education. CCSP also is unusual in its provision of scholarships to adults so that they can return to college after a break or begin their education later in life. Adults can apply twice a year, Oct. 1 or March 1; Charlottesville High School and CATEC graduating seniors may apply by March 1. To date, the CCSP has assisted 53 individuals in furthering their education.

CCSP is run by an all-volunteer board of directors and the awards are managed by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, meaning there is no cost overhead for the program.[2] The average dollar amount of the scholarship is over $2,000, renewable annually.[3]

Preston Coiner Scholarship

In 2015, the Charlottesville Community Scholarship Program launched the Preston Coiner Scholarship for students who are interested in studying history at a Virginia institution of higher education.[4]

Board of Directors


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On October 29, 2011, CCSP will celebrate the 10th anniversary of being funded by the City of Charlottesville with a $250,000 surplus. The event, called Charlottesville's Promise 2011, will be held at the Paramount Theater.[6]


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