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The Charlottesville Commercial Corridor Study from December 2000 was a landmark economic development study that informed development in the city of Charlottesville in the early 21st century. It was produced by Torti Gallas, RCLCO and LPDA. [1]

Executive summary

"Capitalizing on a strong local economy that promises sustained economic development and growth, this study is an effort to enhance the economic efficiencies and ensure the best mix of property uses for the City's commercial corridors. It is intended to begin the process of evaluating existing commercial enterprises; identifying urban design issues and making recommendations for improvements; identifying the theme appropriate for each corridor's development and identifying enhanced design guidelines within each corridor."

"The study included a variety of work efforts including market analysis, interviews of business and property owners, assessment of economic impacts and the writing of design guidelines. However, at its heart was an inclusive process of public participation characterized by design charettes, or workshops intended to develop themes for each corridor as well as urban design and development recommendations. The four charettes allowed for maximum input from individual citizens, civic association representatives, business owners, and developers, elected officials and any additional individuals from the community who wished to participate in the process. The process included oversight by a Steering Committee, as well as the staff of the Department of Economic Development and the Department of Planning." [1]

Steering Committee

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