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The Charlottesville City Office of Communications is a division of the City Manager's Office. The position of Director of Communications is appointed by the City Manager and is responsible for city-wide communications, including press releases, the City's Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access television stations, web content, social media, produced video, ad copy, major City events and more. The Director also serves as the City spokesperson.[1]

Brian Wheeler serves as the current Director of Communications.

Communications staff members

The Communications staff includes the Director of Communications, Deputy Director of Communications, Multimedia Services Manager, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, and CPA-TV Station Manager.

  • Brian Wheeler, Director of Communications
  • Joe Rice, Deputy Director of Communications
  • David Dillehunt, Multimedia Services Manager
  • Lachen Parks, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
  • Cal Tate, CPA-TV Station Manager

Former staff members

Ric Barrick, Director of Communications, resigned abruptly from his position on March 21, 2012, citing stress related to an investigation into procurement fraud by Rob Schilling.[2]

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