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The two-year term of the Charlottesville City Council (1928-1930) ran from September 1, 1928 to August 31, 1930. Members of the council (referred to as "Commissioners") elected to serve four-year terms were: Jury Y. Brown, mayor; Fred L. Watson, vice-president; E. A. Joachim. John R. Morris and F. W. Twyman were each elected to serve two-year terms.

Jury Y. Brown, mayor; Fred L. Watson, vice-mayor; H. A. Haden, city auditor and clerk of the council; John S. Graves, city attorney; E. A. Joachim, chairman of the finance committee and representative on the district home board; Maurnce F. Greaver, chief of police. H. A. Yancey was city manager.

  • FY 1928 Budget:

1928 election

On June 12, 1928, voters in Charlottesville went to the polls to elect officials to the City Council. Eight candidates competed for all five Council seats. This was the first election under the new Commission Form of government authorized by the 1919 Code of Virginia. Five of the eight candidates were nominated by a composite body representing several civic organizations. In accordance with the 1922 charter, three candidates receiving the highest number of votes held office for four years and the two receiving the next highest number of votes, held office for two years; with the next election held in 1930, the term of office of councilmen would be four years. Three “old commissioners” of the old office were re-elected and two others, Fred L. Watson and F. W. Twyman, were chosen to make up the full completed council authorized by an amendment of the 1922 charter.

Organizational meeting

On September 2, 1928 Several important offices were to be filled by appointment when the council met this night. Those included: mayor, vice-mayor, city manager, city attorney, city auditor, clerk of the council, chairman of the council’s finance committee, a representative on the board of the district home, and the police force.

Regular meetings

Regular council meetings were held in City Hall

September 5, 1928

The new council, at its first regular meeting, re-elected the old members of the police force. The old members of the advisory board were also re-elected, as follows: First Ward – J. Dean Tilman; Second Ward – Sol Kaufman; Third Ward – Fred H. Quarles; Fourth Ward – Albert S. Bolling. The council voted in favor of closing Oak Street on account of the location of the new silk mill to be erected by Frank Ix & Sons, Inc.. The sum of $12,000 (adjusted for inflation, $12,000.00 in 1928 is equal to $170,999.31 in 2018) was appropriated for the construction a side track in the city’s yards, adjoining the gas plant. A petition asking for the installation of several street lights on old Lynchburg Road was referred to the mayor and city manager, with the power to act.

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