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Main article: Charlottesville City Council (History); See also: Charlottesville City Commission (1922–1928)

On June 12, 1928, (the second Tuesday of June), voters in the City of Charlottesville went to the polls to elect the entire five member City Council. Under the 1928 charter amendment, the new council would consist of five members, rather than a three; the council would continue to appoint the City Manager and one of their own to act as the mayor. Number of councilors per number of constituents has ranged from in 1928 to in 2020.

There were five new seats on the Charlottesville City Council in 1928 election. As outlined by the 1922 charter, the three elected councilmen receiving the highest number of votes held office for four years (Seats A, B, and C); the two elected councilmen receiving the next highest number of votes, held office for two years (Seats C and E).

After the 1930 election, the term of office for each member changed from a two-year term to a four-year term - seats designated A, B and C are elected in one year; seats designated D and E are elected two years later; subsequently, there is a year without a council election. Council members are elected at large under a first-past-the-post voting system in which the top vote-getters are seated.

From 1928 to 1970, municipal elections were held on the second Tuesday in June of even-numbered years; Democratic primaries were held the first Tuesday in April preceding the June election. The 1928 charter called for the the organizational meeting to be held on the 1st day of September, after the last election.

From 1972 until 2006, municipal elections were held in May of even-numbered years - terms started July 1st and ended June 30th.

Since 2007, regular elections have been held on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday, in November of odd-numbered years. (coinciding with the federal elections). If Primaries are held, they are in June of the same year.

Charlottesville City Council (1928–present)
Session Election Year Councilor/Mayor Councilor/Vice-mayor Seat A Seat B Seat C Seat D Seat F City Manager
(1928-1930) 1928 1928 Jury Y. Brown Fred L. Watson Fred L. Watson Jury Y. Brown E. A. Joachim (IR) John R. Morris Fred W. Twyman H. A. Yancey
1929 Seth Burnley
(1930-1932) 1930 1930 W. Dan Haden
(1932-1934) 1932 1932 Fred W. Twyman W. Dan Haden Shelton S. Fife George T. Huff Sam Jessup
(1934-1936) 1934 1934 W. Dan Haden Sam Jessup
(1936-1938) 1936 1936 George T. Huff J. Emmett Gleason
(1938-1940) 1938 1938 George T. Huff J. Emmett Gleason
1939 F. Bradley Peyton Jr
(1940-1942) 1940 1940 W. Dan Haden Charles P. Nash Jr
(1942-1944) 1942 1942 J. Emmett Gleason Charles P. Nash Jr Roscoe S. Adams Sam A. Morris
1943 Roscoe S. Adams Fred L. Watson
(1944-1946) 1944 1944 Roscoe S. Adams Sam A. Morris W. S. Hildreth
1945 Charles P. Nash
(1946-1948) 1946 1946 Gus K. Tebell Gus K. Tebell
(1948-1950) 1948 1948 Gus K. Tebell Strother F. Hamm Strother F. Hamm Henry A. Haden James Barr (IR)
1949 James E. Bowen
(1950-1952) 1950 1950 Strother F. Hamm William R. Hill William R. Hill
1951 Sol B. Weinberg
(1952-1954) 1952 1952 William R. Hill Sol B. Weinberg R. M. Davis S. Dexter Forbes
(1954-1956) 1954 1954 Sol B. Weinberg R. M. Davis Thomas J. Michie, Sr.
(1956-1958) 1956 1956 R. M. Davis Thomas J. Michie A. Clayton Coleman Louis L. Scribner
(1958-1960) 1958 1958 Thomas J. Michie Louis L. Scribner
(1960-1962) 1960 1960 Louis L. Scribner Bernard J. Haggerty Bernard J. Haggerty Lindsey B. Mount Robert Erwin Lee
(1962-1964) 1962 1962 Bernard J. Haggerty Lindsey B. Mount J. Robert Ponton
(1964-1966) 1964 1964 Lindsey B. Mount J. Robert Ponton Burkett A. Rennolds
(1966-1968) 1966 1966 Burkett A. Rennolds Robert S. Johnson Robert S. Johnson Dutch Vogt
1967 "Dutch" Vogt Bill Rinehart **
(1968-1970) 1968 1968 Dutch Vogt Bill Rinehart Joseph W. Wright Jr. Kenneth E. Davis Mitch Van Yahres
(1970-1972) 1970 1970 Mitchell Van Yahres Francis H. Fife Francis H. Fife ++ Charles Barbour
(1972-1974) 1972 1972 Francis H. Fife Charles Barbour George Gilliam Jill Rinehart **
(1974-1976) 1974 1974 Charles Barbour Mitch Van Yahres
(1976-1978) 1976 1976 Nancy K. O'Brien Francis H. Fife Laurence Brunton Ed Gatewood Nancy K. O'Brien ++
(1978-1980) 1978 1978 Laurence Brunton Ed Gatewood Frank Buck Thomas E. Albro
(1980-1982) 1980 1980 Frank Buck Elizabeth Gleason Elizabeth Gleason John Conover E. G. Hall
(1982-1984) 1982 1982 John Conover Mary Alice Gunter
(1984-1986) 1984 1984 Elizabeth Gleason Lindsay Barnes
(1986-1988) 1986 1986 E. G. Hall Darden Towe
(1988-1990) 1988 1988 "Bitsy" Waters Alvin Edwards "Bitsy" Waters Alvin Edwards Tom Vandever
(1990-1992) 1990 1990 Alvin Edwards Tom Vandever Kay Slaughter David Toscano
(1992-1994) 1992 1992 Tom Vandever Kay Slaughter Virginia Daugherty
(1994-1996) 1994 1994 David Toscano Gary O'Connell
(1996-1998) 1996 1996 Kay Slaughter Virginia Daugherty Maurice Cox Meredith Richards
(1998-2000) 1998 1998 Virginia Daugherty Meredith Richards Blake Caravati
(2000-2002) 2000 2000 Blake Caravati Maurice Cox Kevin Lynch
(2002-2003) 2002 2002 Maurice Cox Meredith Richards Rob Schilling
(2004-2006) 2004 2004 David Brown Kevin Lynch Kendra Hamilton David Brown
(2006-2007) 2006 2006 Julian Taliaferro Dave Norris Julian Taliaferro
(2008-2009) 2007 2008 Dave Norris Kendra Hamilton Satyendra Huja Holly Edwards
(2010-2011) 2009 2010 Holly Edwards Kristin Szakos Maurice Jones
(2012-2013) 2011 2012 Satyendra Huja Kristin Szakos Kathy Galvin “Dede” Smith
(2014-2015) 2013 2014 “Dede” Smith Bob Fenwick
(2016-2017) 2015 2016 Mike Signer Wes Bellamy Wes Bellamy Mike Signer
(2018-2019) 2017 2018 Nikuyah Walker Heather Hill Nikuyah Walker Heather Hill Mike Murphy
2019 Tarron Richardson
(2020-2021) 2019 2020 Sena Magill Sena Magill Lloyd Snook Michael Payne John Blair
2021 Chip Boyles
(2022-2023) 2021 2022 Lloyd Snook Juandiego Wade Juandiego Wade Brian Pinkston Robert Bobb Group, LLC
2023 Leah Puryear Sam Sanders
(2024-2025) 2023 2024 Juandiego Wade Brian Pinkston Natalie E. Oschrin
(2026-2027) 2025 2026
(2028-2029) 2027 2027
Session Election Year Councilor/Mayor Councilor/Vice-mayor Charlottesville City Council (1928–present) City Manager


Councilor Fred T. Twyman died in office on September 15, 1938.
Francis Bradley Peyton Jr. was appointed to the vacant seat on the council to succeed the late Frederick W. Twyman who died on September 15, 1938. At the regular meeting on the council, held on October 3, 1938, Peyton was chosen to succeed Twyman.
Charles P. Nash Jr stepped down from council in 1943 to enter military service in WW2.
Fred L. Watson, who had dropped off the council for several years after his second term ended in 1932, returned in 1943 to fill out the unexpired term of Charles P. Nash, who had resigned to accept duty in the Marine Corps. Watson was re-elected in 1944. Fred's brother, Robert A. Watson, was elected to the city council from the Second Ward on June 13, 1916 and held office until September 14, 1916 - when a the city's form of government changed to a two chamber city council.
William S. Hildreth resigned in 1946. Former councilor Charles P. Nash Jr, upon his return from military service, was reappointed to the Council in 1946 to fill out Hildreth's unexpired term.
James Barr, whose term expired August 31, 1952, resigned from city council in June of 1952. Former councilor Sol B. Weinberg filled the two month vacancy.
Robert S. Johnson (R), whose council term expired on August 31, 1970, resigned on May 29, 1967. At the next regular council meeting, held on June 19, 1967, the democratic controlled council elected Bill Rinehart (D) as councilor to complete the balance of Johnson's un-expired term. The next day, June 20th, Rinehart took the oath of office in the Clerk’s Office. Dutch Vogt (R) was elected by the council to serve as vice-mayor, a position previously held by Johnson.
Sena Magill resigned from council, effective January 11, 2023. The seat remains vacant until the four remaining members appoint a new member to fill the un-expired term ending December 31, 2023. According to Virginia state law, if they cannot agree, judges of the city circuit court make the appointment.[1]
Leah Puryear appointed to the Charlottesville City Council on February 21, 2023 to fill the vacant seat left by the resignation of Sena Magill. Puryear held the office until it expires on December 31, 2023.
Sam Sanders became the permanent city manager on August 1, 2023. [2]


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