Charlottesville City Council, 1901-1922

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The Charlottesville City Council, 1901-1922, was the legislative body of Charlottesville, Virginia, under the 1899-1900 Charter of the city, approved by the Legislature on March 3, 1900. Under this charter, the city was divided into four electoral districts called wards. The common council was elected under a first-past-the-post voting system in which the top three vote-getters from each ward were seated. The mayor was elected at-large by plurality vote. The mayor and twelve aldermen constituted the council of the city. The mayor presided over the council meetings and held no vote, except in case of a tie, when he gave the casting vote. The first election under that charter was held on May 23, 1901, the new council's first meeting was held on Tuesday, July 2, 1901.

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