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Charlottesville has four sister cities with one on emeritus status.

Charlottesville's sister-city program is coordinated by the Sister Cities Commission, and the city is a member of Sister Cities International.[2].

In 2019, the Sister City Commission announced it would seek a Spanish-speaking community as the next sister city. [3] The City Council considered a new city in Guatemala on December 7, 2020. [4] Ultimately, the status of "friendship city" was accorded to the city of Huehuetenango, Guatemala on that day, with the community's sister city status still pending.[5]

Commemorative clock

To commemorate the four cities, the city considered building a clock. The item received a certificate of appropriateness from the Board of Architectural Review on March 15, 2011.[6] However, the project died when the design that won a contest came with a $60,000 cost estimate. City Council had only set aside $25,000 for the project. The Sister Cities Commission decided against fundraising for the balance. [7]


At one point, the city had a sister city relationship with Long Beach, Washington. [8] However, that no longer seems to be the case.


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