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Formerly known as Whitewood Park, this forested park on 25 acres of land off of Whitewood Road was renamed after former Supervisor Charlotte Yancey Humphris in 2005. There is a mile and a half network of trails.

The park in the early stages of a new master planning process. [1]

Master Plan

Funding has been requested in Albemarle County's FY2020 budget for a master plan. If approved, a design team would be hired in the spring of 2019. A public hearing would be held in the summer of 2019. The goal is to have a request for the FY2021 capital improvement budget. [2]

In March 2019, the Places29-Hydraulic Advisory Committee were given an update. One short-term initiative is to reach out to the immediate neighborhood to find out how the park "can better serve the neighbors.”

There is potentially $30,000 in funding for the plan, depending on approval of the FY2020 budget.

Timeline for master plan

April 2019

The Parks and Recreation Department will use workforce from the local jail to "begin vegetative cleanup and undergrowth along Whitewood Road." They will also work with the CAC to seek volunteers to help with this work.

July 2019

The funding for master planning becomes available. Parks users will be surveyed and input will be solicited on the park's vision, desired amenities, trail improvements and signage improvements.

September 2019

A “Charlotte Humphris Park Day” will be help to obtain feedback and to celebrate the park.


The master planning process is expected to be completed.

March 2020 update

Assistant parks director Amy Smith gave an update for the CAC in February 2020. The Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards assessed the park on February 24 and found that the primary trees are tulip, beech, and oak. Other natives include scarlet oaks, black oaks, birch, and magnolia. The main invasive species is multiflora rose with many invasive vines.

Staff will order four benches, make a natural play area, and will survey the property boundary. [citation needed]

August 2020

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