Charles Everett

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Portrait of Dr. Charles Everett. Reproduced from Find a Grave.

Dr. Charles Everett (ca. 1767October 4, 1848) was an early inhabitant of Albemarle County who served as a physician to three American presidents (Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison), additionally serving as a private secretary for Monroe. He served twice in the Virginia House of Delegates throughout the 1810's and, in 1820, bought land from Jefferson that had been part of the Shadwell tract, with this area becoming known as "Everettsville." After purchasing a large portion of the Belmont plantation from John Rogers in 1811, Everett moved onto the estate in 1813 and lived there until his death on October 4, 1848.[1] Everett was buried at the Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery in Cismont.[2]

Everett's father was Colonel John Everett, who was the progenitor of the failed attempt to establish Traveller's Grove as a distinct town during the early nineteenth century.[3]


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