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The Cavalier Daily is a free independent daily newspaper of the University of Virginia.

A print circulation of 10,000 is distributed on Grounds and in surrounding areas. The Cavalier Daily also publishes online. [1]

The daily was founded in 1890 under the name College Topics, and is the oldest Charlottesville paper still in publication. [1]

The paper announced in the spring of 1948 that it would publish five days a week. [2]

Digital transition

The paper transitioned to a twice-weekly in August 2013. A news magazine will be printed on Mondays and Thursdays, but new content will be published throughout the week on the paper's website. [3]

Notable events

  • November 19, 1937 College Topics found that a majority of University of Virginia students surveyed opposed action to contain Japanese military activity. The questions were "Do you favor the present neutrality law?" and "Do you favor the United States taking the lead through the Brussels Conference to halt the recognized aggression of Japan?" [4]
  • November 10, 1953 – The very first Mason-Dixon Intercollegiate Pipe-Smoking Championship is held at Madison Hall sponsored by the Cavalier Daily. The winner was second-year medical student James T. Gillespie who lasted one hour, 39 minutes, and 52 seconds. This beat the time of Walter Bossert, a student at Columbia University. Bossert blamed the southern air for his loss. [5]
  • November 11, 1955 – The Cavalier Daily publishes an editorial calling for the University of Virginia to withdraw from the Atlantic Coast Conference and for athletics to be deemphasized. [6]


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