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The Monticello Guard was formed in 1857 and was descended from other military units that had served Charlottesville from as early as 1758.

The Monticello Guard succeeded the Jefferson Guard and the Charlottesville Blues.

The Virginia militia is an armed force composed of all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia capable of bearing arms. The Virginia militia was established in 1607 as part of the English militia system. Militia service in Virginia was compulsory for all free males. The main purpose of the Crown's militia was to repel invasions and insurrections and to enforce the laws of the colony.

During Gen. Lafayette's visit to Monticello in 1824, he was met at Red Gate and escorted to Monticello by the Virginia Militia, including the Jefferson Guards and the Charlottesville Blues [1]; Company “D,” 70th Regiment Virginia Volunteers (formerly known as Co. A, 19th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Pickett’s Division in the Confederate service).

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